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Daniel Fontet, S.A. is a family business with 30 years of experience selling fruit and vegetables wholesale, mainly to Spanish chains of supermarkets. It was set up in 1974 by Daniel Fontet Matamoros, and it has continued growing until it has become a reference in itself in the marketing of this produce both in the local and European markets.

Our main trade is citrus fruits, since we work in a privileged region, especially for clementines, in the south of Catalonia and north of Valencia, although we also have a great deal of experience in the marketing of other products, such as watermelons, melons or peppers.

Though our trade figures have risen continuously in the last few years, our firm has always given its produce the value added provided by experience and well-done work, laying emphasis on high quality and customer service.


We are producing in a privileged area

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The town of Alcanar stretches along the coast of the Montsià region and it’s the southernmost town in Catalonia.

The production of citrus fruits in Catalonia, which represents 1.54% of the whole production in Spain, concentrates in Tarragona province with 90% of the Catalan production, and especially in the Montsià and Baix Ebre regions, where Alcanar is one of the most important producers in the region.

The growing of citrus fruits has spread continuously in the region, going from 16 million kilos at the beginning of the 1960s to a current harvest of over 100 million kilos, when the climatic conditions are ideal.
This strong growth has taken place alongside a high increase in the use of modern technology in the plantations of citrus fruits and a modern commercial network which exports the produce across Europe. This is a market which demands high-quality fruit that has been grown using environmentally-friendly methods.

The growing of citrus fruits requires temperate climatic conditions, without freezing temperatures, which makes this coastal town suitable to obtain a high quality produce.